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Products: Metal Stand
Material: 0.8mm stainless steel
Plated: without
Size: 55mm (wide) x 10.7mm (high) x 60mm (foot)
Logo: Screen printed
***put it on the table, and it is a good product to show your design for promotion purpose***
Products: Metal Badge
Material: Stainless steel
Plated: without
Processing: die cast
Dimension: 3D
Size: 200mm (long) x 62mm (wide) x 3.0mm (thick)
Color: by soft enamel
Attachment: 3M self-adhesive on back
***high quality with good looking***
  Products: Mobile lens cleaner with foam filled inside
Material: PVC
Size: 50mm (long) x 20mm (wide) x 5.0mm (thick)
Logo: Screen printed or offset printed
Attachment: Mobile hanger or dia. 2.0mm ball chains
***can be also used as mobile hanger only with backside plane, or printed ***
Products: High quality pin packed in transparent plastic box
Material: Copper
Plated: Gold/ Gold sprayed flank and front
Processing: Stamped
Dimension: Flat
Size: Dia. 18mm; Thick: about 2.2mm
Attachment: butterfly clutch
***Transparent plastic box size 43 x 43 x 20mm, with black velvet inlay***
  Products: AIDS Beads brooch (made by hand)
Material: Plastic
Size: 38mm x 25mm
Attachment: Brooch
Products: Tape measure keychain (Heart shape), same on both sides
Material: ABS
Outer case size: 47.6mm (long) x 40.6mm (wide) x 12mm (thick)
Inner indented area size: about 37.6 x 29.8mm
Tape measure part
Stainless steel printed in inches and feet
Size: about 6mm wide, 3 feet long scale
Background color: Yellow
Attachment: Outer diameter 28mm split ring with 3 link chains
  Products: Tape measure keychain (Square shape), same on both sides
Material: ABS
Outer case size: 34mm (long) x 34mm (wide) x 12.8mm (thick)
Inner indented area size: about 25mm
Tape measure part
Stainless steel printed in inches and feet
Size: about 6mm wide, 3 feet long scale
Background color: Yellow
Attachment: Outer diameter 28mm split ring with 3 link chains
Products: Crystal keychain (Papaya)
Material: Plastic
Size: Dia. 25.5 x 28mm
Attachment: as picture
  Products: Mobile ornament hanger
Material: Metal
Plated: Gold plated
Attachment: Mobile hanger with chains

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